Crouched beside the window pane
  Her twisited strands of silver grey
  she sat to watch the autamn leaves
  As they fell one by one that day
  The autamn air pierced through her bones
  Her weary bones did tremble so
  The window screeched--the only sound that was
  As it swung to and fro
  He gaze intent upon the tree
  She knew that time would soon erase
  The page she wrote upon life's book
  Its imprint on her furrowed face
  She knew that life was just a lie
  That love and laughter never stay
  That hope and strength will soon depart
  To join the songs of yesterday
  She knew those songs were just a dream
  They did not stay, they did not last
  The mingling of nights and days
  Is what makes up our frenzied past.
  Her life flashed by across her eye
  In just one moment did it flee
  Beside the window pane she saw
  Another leaf break off the tree
  She saw upon the barren ground
  The withered autamn leaves below
  And knew she would not live to see them
  Buried under heaps of snow.


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