Beauteous Rose, plucked in its fullest bloom,
Denied a chance to show its splendour fair,
A mother's joy forever turned to gloom,
A sister left with agony, despair

You were too lovely for the world to keep
Although it would have much liked you to stay
So now you rest with God in peaceful sleep
With all your cares and worries, well away.

No harm will ever come to you again
No cruelty will ever touch your mind
And now you are forever free of pain
From all of those who were to you unkind.

With all your love, you did the world adorn
And with that you did justice to your name,
Your tragic loss the world will always mourn,
Without you it will never be the same.

You shone the brightest star when you were here.
You shared with us your talents and your smile
To Sheherzade you were so very dear,
Alas! you stayed with her but just a while

And now you are forever gone away
May you rest in heaven always peacefully,
And with this world you will forever stay,
A lovely thougth, a cherished memory!


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