(This poem won third prize in the Baker's Book competition in USA and was published in three magazine. May 2000)

The loner sits along the shore
  Away from wordly niose and din,
  Undisturbed his thoughts are turned
  Toward a fancy world within.
  Engrossed in thoughts of high romance
  Beneath the vast and azure skies
  Where maidens fall for love of him
  Underneath his dreamy eyes
  Protagonist in evey tale
  Victorious he, in every fight
  The loner weaves a net of dreams
  Where everything is always right.
  Unfettered by all social ties
  Unbrideled by society's laws
  A master of his destiny
  His dreams have hardly any flaws.
  No love for idle human talk
  No love for idle chatter
  The loner only loves himself
  His thoughts are all that matter.
  Perfection he has built around
  his dreams, which are replete
  With only him and his desires
  His self-love is complete!.


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