Verse has come a long way
From Milton's, Keats' and Shelly's day.
"Most everywhere, there's poems galore!
In blank verse, free verse, rhyme and more.
They're sometimes lengthy, somtime's terse
Sometme's good, but often worse
Just anything will do for rhyme
And what of meter? What of time?

Would you rhyme?

Dental with mental?
Alp with Scalp?
Battle with Cattle?
Boat with Goat?
Joke with Coke?
Lamp with Champ?
Nose with Rose?

Verse can now be very dirty,
More than often, it is flirty.

Sorry, folks, can't give examples!

Short on words, though economical
Will often render a poem comical

Everything goes for spontaniety
For some, the key to creativity.

You will find:

Ginger with injure,
Tooth with booth
River with quiver
Lizzard with blizzard
Cry with Fry
Song with "Ding-dong"
Dickens with Chickens.

Let me now commit this crime
Of writing "verse", debasing rhyme.

The other day I lost a tooth
As i stood by a dentist's booth
Let us still be hail and hearty,
Let us have a smartee party!
We shall sing this little ditty
Often dense, and never witty
We will frighten poor old Dickens
He might think we're cackling chickens

Halleluhia, that's over!

For poetry is there any hope?
Let us all go beg the Pope.






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