"INSAAN" (man/woman) 

 What am I?
A speck of dust?
A bubble in the sea?
Or am I just another fragile leaf upon a tree?

No, I am she, who lives to know what nature does reveal
The wonders of the universe,
I think,
I love,
I feel.

The rainbow and its subtle hues that decorate the sky
And sunlit silver waters shimmer, gently  flowing by

Vast galaxies, with multitudes of stars that crown the night
The pearly tapered feathers of a lark in stately flight

To feel the ecstasy of love, the pangs of parting woes
The sweetness of a lover's kiss, a lover only knows

A baby's unconditional love, a mother's gentle care
And all the tender moments that the two will live to share

My soul encompasses the stars,
Transcends the bounds of time,
Envelops all the universe,
My spirit is sublime.






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